Protect our open space and heritage

For generations, the Scenic Hills have been protected and preserved by the local community. 

But plans for a 136,000-plot cemetery could mark the beginning of the end for our precious green space and the Liberal Government's silence on the heritage listing of land surrounding Varroville Homestead is deafening.

Join the fight to protect this important natural asset for our community.

The Scenic Hills not only provides a unique and beautiful backdrop to our city – it has major heritage significance and provides valuable open space for our growing and vibrant community.

I recently spoke at the Independent Planning Commission’s public meeting into the atrocious development application to build a 136,000-plot cemetery that would destroy the Scenic Hills.

I implored the Commission: do not decide on the development application until the Government decides whether or not to support the heritage listing of the land surrounding Varroville Homestead – a decision about 18 months overdue.

Sign my petition to protect the Scenic Hills.